Thursday, March 25, 2010

School Presentations

Hello Arcade Fundamental Teachers of Language Arts, and one favorite SS and Avid teacher whom we visit annually,

t’s that time of year again when I bring competitive speech students from the CA STOA League to present for you and your classes!

I have a number of students this year who have won awards with interpretative (theatre of the mind) pieces like

*Charlie and the Glass Elevator – a Duo Interpretative
*The Book Thief
* The Three JavelinasAnd more!

In addition I have a couple of visual speeches, or Expository
and finally, some students who are willing to demonstrate Impromptu.

We are able to present from the middle of April through May, Tuesdays and Fridays work best. Please call soon to schedule a contact me at
Mary Marsell-Farrell
Language Instructor/Speech Coach

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