Wednesday, April 12, 2017


\fron-DES-uh ns\
1. leafage; foliage.
2. the process or period of putting forth leaves, as a tree, plant, or the like.

... they continued their journey under the frondescence of the mountain forests.
-- Cecilia Dart-Thornton, The Ill-Made Mute, 2001

Mutilando los árboles de León
Echando herbicidas

Always stand by trees.

Monday, April 10, 2017

When You Have Just One Day

When you have just one overnight, one day only, you plan the best. You begin with a lovely, slow Sunday just eating, playing games, and exploring together. And that's what she and partner, Pat, did. They organized a really nice day including super vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants all locally farmed, and famed for deliciousness. Just like in Spain, it's all about the food.

10:30am - Meet for breakfast at Harlow's (3632 SE Hawthorne St)

Harlow's is awesome for lunch, too, as we noticed a few days earlier when we stopped in for hot chocolate.

12-5ish - Explore Hawthorne District! Lots of thrift stores, coffee shops, book stores, very "Portland" vibes.

The kind of place to bring Chinchón and play in one of the coffee shops!

For dinner head over to the Pearl District at Verde Cocina (524 NW 14th St)
Ice-cream after dinner at Salt and Straw

Monday 4/10
9am - Breakfast of cream of wheat and fruit at our Airbnb.
11:30am - Head to airport for good-byes.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Japanese Gardens; A Photo Journey

It was raining and drizzling the morning we walked the Portland Japanese Gardens, yet, in reflexion, we hardly remember the wet and cold, but rather a haven of serenity.

A traditional Japanese garden occupying 9.1 acres with stone pathways, bamboo and stone water fountains, graceful Japanese maples, genuine lanterns and tea houses all with moss touches tucked away among five garden styles in Washington Park.

Soon it will be even more splendid . There was still a lot of construction going on with its Cultural Expansion Project when we were there, but that didn't dim our experience. It was exquisite, every square inch.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Art of Life, A Rebirth in Clay

Hosokawa Morihiro: The Art of Life, A Rebirth in Clay, showing April 2- May 21.

"In honor of the Grand Opening of our new Cultural Village, the first exhibition of 2017 is a celebration of tea culture in the art and life of Hosokawa Morihiro, a former Prime Minister of Japan. 

It was perfect timing to visit this exhibition of former Prime Minister Hosokawa’s work in the Pavilion Gallery and the Garden’s new Tanabe Gallery.

 Photo by Yoshihiro Saito

Prime Mister Hosokawa is an 18th generation descendant of the Hosokawa clan of daimyo (feudal lords), one of the most illustrious samurai families in Japanese history. After 600 years of family history as warriors, tea masters and poets, Hosokawa left a career in politics behind in the late 1990s to pursue the life of an artist in clay and ink."

The exposition was exquisite, but the lighting and position of the pieces and art made it impossible to get the photos I wanted. Instead I had some camera fun in the Japanese Gardens Museum Gift Shop.