Saturday, July 22, 2017

Blood Tattoos and Things Moms Do

It's summer and everyone seems to be sporting a new tattoo and matching mom-daughter, mom-son tattoos are supposedly the new cool trendy sign of bondedness and unity. I'm glad not to be too left out of the loop since at least one of my four kids has sweetly suggested that we get one. I've considered. I really have. My honest answer, however, is that my legs are already tatted up in a most individual way. My left leg is a particularly great work of art. I used to hide it when possible, shyly avoiding clothes that might draw attention to the intricately decorated canvas of spider and ropey purple-blue varicose veins.
More recently, though, I've decided to share the artistry of motherhood that life has gifted me, if not flaunting it, I can at least wear it dignified and proud.
When you're pregnant your uterus grows and puts pressure on the large inferior vena cava on your body's right side. This increases pressure on your legs. The blood vessels that are already working against gravity, returning blood from your extremities to your heart, swell and protude. Sometimes they are less visible or disappear after your pregnancy, but more often they stay patterned on your skin as a forever reminder that you are and will always be different after having a baby.
If you have just one child you may not get to sport off much, but after four, believe you me, you have bragging rights. You have living tattoos to show off for the rest of your life, a permanent scrapbook of memories physically awarded you for your bravery and strength for carrying those precious little ones inside you to birth.
Thus, my varicose veins are my personal tattoos, my scars, the marks of motherhood that remind me every morning and night as I dress and undress the huge sacrifice I paid. I consider my scarred legs beautiful reminders that it was so worth it in the end, to blood ink my legs in order to bring my four unique daughters and sons into this world. I'm celebrating my scars now and what really matters.
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Your vulnerability is
embellished with your truth.
Wear it proudly.
- Harpreet M Dayal

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

De Compras

Cascanueces, Bario Húmedo, León
Una tienda especializada en regalos originales y exóticos, así como prendas de vestir de moda y étnicas. After trying a a multicoloured assortment of summer dresses, I finally decided on treating myself to the second on the left.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Book of Beauty

"...The hours when the mind is absorbed by beauty are the only hours when we really live..." - Richard Jefferies
A Book of Beauty; An Anthology of Words and Pictures, compiled in London ten years before I was born. Two hundred and fifty classic works of art and illustrations and a two-page index of authors and composers, it appears this is one of a series of six books; Book of Delights, Love, Pleasures, Joy, and of Britain. A lovely gift by a lovely visitor, it was once purchased and signed by someone with exquisite penmanship in 1962 as a Christmas present to herself, something that makes me smile and further endears this book to me. The perfect bedside book.
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Friday, July 7, 2017

Our CLIL Summer Course Really Started in Sacramento

When coaching teachers I always go back to this year that changed my life and the book that transformed my teaching, To Teach Like a Champion. Now, together with bilingual methodology, I'm sharing those techniques specific to second language acquisition classrooms in Spain. These two weeks in León, our CLIL workshop is turning out to be the most rewarding ever with such creative application and execution of champion practices by my students, Spanish content area ( geography, history, music, math, science, ...) teachers, who are motivated and planning the next school year.
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

When Work is a Holiday in León

It's called work, and the truth is, that the preparation and teacher training hours are intense.
Still, I wait longingly all year for these two weeks I come to teach and live in León!

The first evening in León, Sunday before the CLIL Teacher Training workshop Monday morning, Enrique and I stumbled upon the Gastronomical Food Truck Fair, Feria Gastronómica de Food Trucks. Vintage flea-market - Mercadillo vintage.
Jardín de San Francisco. Come y Calle León, Fiestas de San Juan y San Pedro.

The second day I made my way into the heart of the Barrio Romántico to El Patio, where I always order this salad of canónigos, a kind of round-leaf lettuce greens, cherry tomatoes, roasted gourmet goat's cheese and tomato marmalade dressing.
Plaza Torres de Omaña, 2, 24003 León

Que Trabaje Rita, cocktail and tapa bar where teacher friend and I met after class for a Mojito Light (poco cargado) and a Kiwi Shake.

Solo today and happy to find a vegetarian option: Gazpacho, vegetable empanadas on dressing glazed greens, fresh baked bread and apple stuffed crepes drizzled with chocolate.
Mercado Restaurante & Bar ,Calle las Varillas, 3, 24003 León

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Independence Day Balconies

Yesterday: Summer comes to flats and townhouses all over northern Spain in a sudden burst of joy. I think of Independence Day being celebrated back home with such stunning red, white and blue.
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