Friday, August 19, 2016

One Less Napkin Ring

Estaba aquí por un mes. Esa traviesa que se sentaba en nuestra mesa donde la servilleta con el anillo de perlas de oro esperaba. Ahora que se ha ido, las cosas ya no son iguales.
She was here for a month. The impish one that sat at our table where a blue napkin with the golden beaded ring lay. Now that she's gone, things just aren't the same.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Such a Handsome Guy

When you go into town and meet a new friend. So handsome. So nice.

Friday afternoon in León was good for meeting a new friend.
El viernes en León fue bueno para conocer a un nuevo amigo.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday Market

So true. Watermelon and all the delicious, especially local produce, is an amazing offer. The fruit could be my breakfast and dinner all summer long.

There are a number of things you wouldn't know by looking at this picture. For instance, it might appear that the man in the background is checking Catherine out, when in reality he was simply turning around because I called "look at me" to my camera evasive niece and he thought I was calling to him. Regardless, he looks like he enjoyed the festival a little too much. Good thing Catherine is so oblivious, hahaha.
She seems to have a Celtic rune tattooed on her left arm, but it's only , a plant dye that will wear off in about ten more days. She got it as part of her outfit for the Astur-Romano Festival.
Another thing is that she appears to be one of a few in front of the most popular cheese truck on market day. You can't see the throngs of people all waiting to buy their favourite "Don Queso" cheese. When you get near the crowd you call out asking who is last so you know when it's your turn. Then you wait a good, long, social while chatting it up a bit with those around you doing the same.
Finally, it looks like Catherine is pushing the purple carrito, but the reality is that she's only posing with it and let me push it around all morning. Well, I guess it is kind of granny.

Purple, definitely purple today, even the bags of garlic sported purple netted bags.

Monday, August 1, 2016

El Agua y La Reflexión

Sombra saluda a su otro yo #migalgo - foto de Enrique Soto.

Estos paisajes de agua y la reflexión se han convertido en una obsesión.
These landscapes of water and reflection have become an obsession.
Claude Monet

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mariposa Vagarosa

Mariposa,                                                         Butterfly
Vagarosa                                                          Easygoing, lingering
Rica en tinte y en donaire                                Rich in tints and grace
¿qué haces tú de rosa en rosa?                       What do you do from rose to rose?
¿de qué vives en el aire?                                  From what do you live in the air?

Yo, de flores                                                     I live from flowers
Y de olores,                                                      And fragrances,
Y de espumas de la fuente,                              And from the fountain's foam
Y del sol resplandeciente                                 And from the sun rays whose brilliance
Que me viste de colores                                   dresses me in colours.

¿Me regalas                                                     Will you give me
tus dos alas?                                                    your two wings?
¡son tan lindas! ¡te las pido!                            They are so pretty! I ask them of you!
deja que orne mi vestido                                  So I may decorate my clothing
con la pompa de tus galas                               With the splendour of your festivity.

Tú, niñito                                                          You, little boy
tan bonito,                                                        So handsome,
tú que tienes tanto traje,                                  You, who have so many suits
¿Por qué quieres un ropaje                             Why would you want this clothing
que me ha dado Dios bendito?                        that blessed God has given me?

¿De qué alitas                                                  What do you need                                  
necesitas                                                          wings for
si no vuelas cual yo vuelo?                               if you do not fly like I do?
¿qué me resta bajo el cielo                               What is left for me under heaven                           
si mi todo me lo quitas?                                    if you take my everything?

Días sin cuento                                                Days without number,
De contento                                                      Just for your pleasure
El Señor a ti me envía;                                     The Lord sent me to you;
Mas, mi vida es un solo día,                             Moreover, my life is just one day
No me lo hagas de tormento                            Don't make it one of torment.

¿Te divierte                                                      Would you be amused
dar la muerte                                                   to cause the death
a una pobre mariposa?                                    of one poor butterfly?
¡ay¡ quizás sobre una rosa                              Ay! Perhaps on top of a rose
Me hallarás muy pronto inerte.                        You will soon find me still.

Oyó el niño                                                      The child listened
Con cariño                                                       with fondness
Esta queja de amargura,                                 this bitter complaint,
Y una gota de miel pura                                  And offered her a drop of pure honey
Le ofreció con dulce guiño                              with a sweet wink.

Ella, ansiosa,                                                    She, nervously,
Vuela y posa                                                     flies and poses
En su palma sonrosada,                                   on his ruddy palm
Y allí mismo, ya saciada,                                  And right there, now sated
Y de gozo temblorosa,                                      And with trembling joy
Expiró la mariposa.                                          The butterfly expires.

Rafael Pombo

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Melon Smoothie

Saturday Melon Smoothie:

2 cups of watermelon
1cup of honey dew
1 cup pineapple
1 cup natural yogurt
1 scoop of chia seeds
1 cup natural tropical juice blend

Batido de Melón
2 tazas de sandía
1 taza de piel de sapo melón
1 taza de piña
1 yogur natural
1 cuchara semillas de chía
1 taza zumo natural de frutas trópicas