Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dancing Mark's Graduation

Mark graduates today, in just a few hours. No matter which continent I might be on, I promised myself I'd be there for that moment. An unexpected visit, however, the flight to see Ryan off to Army Boot Camp four months earlier (wouldn't have missed that, either, for the world) and consequent work commitments upon my return kept me homebound.
Photo courtesy Lisa Montgomery
Photo courtesy 
Sometimes you move, you just move, because if you sit still and your mind dwells, you go crazy. So, you move, you breathe and you allow yourself during these minutes, when the longing is overwhelming, to embrace and stretch and feel the beat of your heart. Your and the troupe's hips and feet respond to the pulse of dance all around the class. Tribal dance practice tonight, new steps. I imagine you, son, can feel our movement and joy. Heavy rain clouds stretch across a full golden moon in anticipation. It's my boy's graduation night.

Of course, I'll be in bed asleep tonight when my sweet son crosses the field and receives his diploma. Nine hours difference makes his early California evening my middle of the Spanish night. I close my eyes and our first summer rain begins to beat a strong steady rhythm against the attic bedroom windows.

Mark, do you know we're dancing and celebrating you?  See you soon, son. Congratulations with every beat of my heart!

Photo courtesy Lisa Montgomery
Quoting favourite graduation read:
"You grew up — and I want to go back and I want to go with you, but I can’t do either.That’s a hard thing to sit with...
You have been given now. Romans 12:1. Seize the Day.
Just go do that: it’s never too late to love and there is always time to love and what else is a lifetime for?"