Monday, November 4, 2013


Ryan, Gaelic meaning King. According to legend, people with this name use their abilities in leadership, and to know about personal independence. They focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.

It's Ryan's birthday today. He's all man, but a little secret... he's a Bear too; mom's Bear, who when he puts his protective firm arm around her she can't help but notice he's all muscle, strong and young and fearless. She feels so privileged and even awed to be his mom.

He's a good listener, and yet when he does speak his voice commands attention, emanates confidence and  thoughtful response.
Just nineteen short years ago she was breathing in his clean baby skin smell and reminded of vibrant newness and life.
She gave him a bottle for the first time when his little brother was born because he didn't want to stop nursing. So, he'd always sit with her while she read to him and while the new baby was at her breast.
It's just that that was his favorite place and he loved her in a special way from the very first and she loved him.
This, of course, is silly prattle, this mom's memories and wonderment at the transformation, boy to man, son to prince.

Yesterday, just a day before his birthday and our return to Spain, Bear stayed overnight and hung out. He and she stretched out and talked, and in the early morning he drove to the airport where they said their good-byes, and she thought about how much she loved him from the first in a special way and how much she loves him now. And he, such a man at nineteen, loves her, too.
Happy Birthday, Bear!


  1. ¡Muy guapo! Bonito encuentro. Un abrazo.

  2. Todo un hombre. Un fuerte abrazo Mary.