Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saying Yes, Three Months Ago

Today -
Pack suitcases,
get ready for our wedding,
a reunion, a baptism, a coming of age, an estate sale;
faith in love, reconnects, joy, commitment and giving. . .

Hoy -
Haciendo maletas,
arreglándonos para nuestra boda,
una reunión, un bautismo, una puesta de largo, una venta de casa;
fe con amor, reencuentros, gozo, compromiso y entrega. . . 

Unpack suitcases,
make a new home,
meet and see friends and family, teach, learn a new language and way of life;
courage, openness, to encourage, live and love. . .
Leon Province, Spain

Deshaciendo maletas,
haciendo un nuevo hogar,
encontrando y viendo amigos y familiares, enseñando y aprendiendo una nueva lengua y forma de vida;
valentía, apertura, ánimo, vida y amor. . .
Provincia de León, España

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  1. I think the greatest thing I've ever learned is that we only have one life. One today. And as He has painted the universe with such color and wonder--it would be a shame, a insult to miss a moment.

    Huge...magnificent congratulations!