Saturday, November 12, 2011


Astorga, León, 2011
Central ingredient
Leaving a wake of pain and ruin.
Cruel words. Violence.
Confusion at good moments,
Fun with pain wrapped in looks.

Much trying. Much Hoping.
Determination to embrace brokenness.
Trusting God. He can do all things.
Forgetting the sovereignty of Man's Will.
God given Choices.
Years of Waiting.
Decisions made. Abandonment again.
So sacrifice Family.
Don't deal with Anger.

Fumbled pieces,
Grieving and wondering at
This picture; past, present and future.
There is no problem.
If and only if, then you're all it.
Get over it.
I'm the way I am.

Thank you Life Unexpectedly for The Murder of Magnificent
What was meant to be a spontaneous comment to you suddenly became a post.

Astorga, Spain, October, 2011.
There is a lovely house, a flat just across from ours. The second floor balconies, windows, doors and galleries are all being replaced. They, with their Baroque & Art Nouveau architecture represent a lovely time, but now are all damaged, rusted, broken. I've looked at them a lot and thought how sad it is that they can't be restored instead of torn down. The work is painful to watch. There are obviously personal parallels, but then rebuilding means taking a good look at what you have in front of you.

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  1. Wow--loved this. (and quite honored, thank you) I think there is so much....missed in life, when we stand in the way.

    Part of growing up, is knowing when to sit down. When to listen. When to think.

    This was beautiful. Beneath the sadness is such possibility. I am so grateful for night....and for the promise of tomorrow's sunrise.