Friday, January 29, 2010

Patois-English Jamaican Style

Hoy mi_hija salio para Jamaica-
USA Translation To Jamaican (Potois)
Raggamuffin: Used to describe some who is a roughneck or street tough.
Rampin: playing
ray ray: similar to saying "etc etc"
rawda: rather
raw: hungry, outspoken, direct
ratbat: fruit eating
kniferathid: a term used in surprise, similar to Ooh Noo
rail up: get excited
I an I: me
i-dren: Friend, Brethren
inna: into, in
irie: nice, right, cool
ital: natural, organic
Im: him, her

sey: say
seckle: settle
sidung: sit down
simiya: I'm here
sinting: something
sista: sister
Aall fruits ripe: an expression which means "everything is going well".
alla wi: all of us.
artical: respected
ascordin: according
asham: A popular Jamaican snack made with crushed roasted corn, salt and pepper
As if you couldn't tell, my oldest left today for Jamaica - All Fruits Ripe :-)

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