Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Day in the City - San Francisco

Union Square, San Francisco, November 2008
Union Square
S.F.*Last Friday I caught the downtown Amtrak for San Francisco to meet up with Jim who had been there all week for training. How I love train travel and there’s little I enjoy more than a good adventure. To leave for someplace new with only a sketchy idea of time and destination is thrilling! I journaled:
Sacto-Davis: plowed fields, beehives, strewn tires & homeless sites, rivulets & rivers, a white heron, a hawk, large flocks of little birds, leaves yellowed by autumn along the tracks. I am reminded of the book memorizers who lived outcast lives in Farenheit 451.
Davis to Fairfield: a lovely young student boarded and sits across from me to study. She has dreamy blue eyes and dark lashes, but seems extremely nervous and distressed over a Chemistry midterm with her book, notes and papers all across the table. I think about my oldest who aspires to study medicine at UCD.
Fairfield-Martinez: mudflats, grasslands and ever closer hills with brown and green velvet, giant steel warships and freighters appear to be grounded/docked in the grasses, but are instead on bodies of low water, oil refineries. I wonder about toxins and pollution levels and how much wildlife has been affected here.
*After a stop, transfer to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)and ride into the City I disembarked at Union Square Station. It was bustling with shoppers, panhandlers, city folks, all going somewhere. . . there’s movement all around and in every direction. The energy and excitement of places like this are wonderful. Having this opportunity to spend a free afternoon in S.F. I browsed the SF Chronicle for ‘must see spots’, Fri. 11/14. I discovered that the Museum of Craft and Folk Art had a special exhibit, The Shape of Things; Paper Traditions and Transformations. And it was a comfortable walk from Union Square. Nice!
Saint Patrick Catholic Church of San Francisco, 756 Mission Street., a Historic Landmark from 1851
Juxtapositioned with the Jewish History Museum (cubist  building to the left)
It was an eventful day, ending with tapas around the Mission District and then a late night ride home. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we live so close to so many wonderful places.

Museum of Folk Art and Crafts
Beautiful origami and other paper creations


  1. i'm so glad you had a nice day in the city!! that papercraft exhibit looks interesting, i'll have to check it out. where did you go for tapas - esperpentos perhaps? i owe you a phone call, i haven't forgotten (well, maybe just for a sec) xoxo

  2. The exhibit was small, but fascinating and inexpensive (considering regular museum fares.) Tapas were appetizers and small meals at numerous places like Roxanne Cafe, Sushi Rock, and the like, ending with dessert at the top floor of Macy's overlooking Coit Tower and the bay. Very nice for having just a couple of hours. Call when it works :-) xoxx back