Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Kids are Marching

My kids today and the things they wrote about the Women's March, seen all over the world - Barcelona, London, Berlin... There are 16 reasons outlined on the Guiding Vision and Definition of Principles. Maybe you agree with all or with a good portion of them, like me. Imagine refusing black & white thinking. Imagine if you were there; What would what would YOUR sign say? (Paste your poster or write in your slogan in the comments below.)

Rocking our pussy hats at the SLO Women's March thanks to mama Mehl! So encouraging to be surrounded by thousands of strong women and allies! - Sara, San Luis Obispo, California

"Sacramento Women's March! Over 20,000 people marching to tell the new administration that they will not halt our journey towards equality. It was incredible, inspiring, and a little surreal to stand on the steps of the capitol building and take part in history. This is what democracy looks like." Mark, Sacramento, California

"President Trump, you have made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you have actually brought us closer together. Black, white, Latino, Native American and Asian American, gay or straight, male or female, native born or immigrant we will fight bigotry and create a government based on love and compassion, not hatred and divisiveness." - Bernie Sanders
Mark & Dylan, Sacramento, California

Risa & Pat, San Diego, California.

The exclusionary hypocrisy of the women's march on Washington.

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