Thursday, January 26, 2017


There is a lot of confusion about second languages in the US. Bilingualism is a benefit to all, something to promote and be proud of.
"In monolingual children, semantic preference increases with age, suggesting that bilingual children reach a stage of semantic development 2–3 years earlier than their monolingual peers. ... They argue that the linguistic benefits of being bilingual are more than simply being able to speak two languages."
This isn't a political statement, just common sense. Now, more than ever let's applaud bilingualism!
We live in a global society. Besides, speaking two or more languages is good for you!
"Bilingualism has the ability to change and improve cognitive function across the lifespan (throughout your life!), even delay symptoms of dementia in older age." Learn a new language! You can start with Its free and fun. I'm practicing Italian. There's a great menu to choose from!

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