Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Teachers and Me, a Love Affair

Second day of class.

De la página CFPI (Centro de Formación del Profesorado en Idiomas), León, España:
Los cursos de verano de idiomas 2016 son cursos de alta calidad con ponentes nativos de reconocido prestigio esenciales para el desarrollo de la competencia comunicativa de nuestros docentes de idiomas - CFPIDIOMAS.CENTROS.EDUCA.JCYL.ES

From the CFPI (Center for Teacher Training in Languages,) León, Spain: 2016 Summer language courses are high quality courses taught by prestigious native teachers specifically recognized for their ability to develop communicative competency among our language teachers.

Shawn and I appear in the first five seconds of the teaching video, and we also got to see each other for tapas and dinner in Madrid just a week earlier. Of course, in Madrid neither of these two, he nor Enrique could miss the opportunity for a lively conversation about technology, or more specifically a debate about which is better, Microsoft tablet or an ipad with the operating system of Windows10. I'm not sure either ended convinced of the other's point of view.

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