Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mundane Living, Little Joys

Homemade snowflakes in "la cocina verde."

January clouds
Boredom grey
Project looms while
Gloom peek-a-boos
‘Round the stairs

Great-grandma's hand sewn quilt made from flour bag scraps of fabric. Mended once by mom before passed down to me. 
Severely pruned chrysanthemums, Grandma's favourite, show new life with robust baby leaves.

Snapchat boy
Details green
Blooms and plants
Says, “Come on, let’s play”
It’s a dare.

Vintage linen reserved for weekends, baking and general cheer.
School calendar, a countdown to Easter, and the last of January blessing prompts.

Housebound mom
Subtle colours
Camera snaps
Mundane living, little joys
And here we share.

- dedicated to Mark

Sombra always looking for another handout.

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