Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Resting in Peace

On her 86th birthday last October. She always dressed so elegantly. Graceful and lovely at every step.
I gave her this necklace and earrings after my last California visit.
She wore them often and looked beautiful.
Ryan only has two more days here and Sara seven. We are ending our visit with a difficult family time of mourning for Mamá Tinia, my sweet mother-in-law, who passed on to be with our Lord on Tuesday July 31st.
Easter Sunday meal at our home 
Mamá liked being at our home, but the stairs and long visits were tiring.
She discovered the red rockers downstairs were a great place for an afternoon nap.
I can still see her covered up in the soft white blanket she liked so well. 
Yesterday and all this morning is the wake, dozens (feels like hundreds) of family and friends coming through the elegant funeral home to view, share condolences, sit.
In the early evening we will have mass in her small home village and the burial. She is at rest. We remember her well with honor and love.

I am going to miss her much, miss her "like a cathedral."
RIP in Spanish is DEP, Descanse en Paz


  1. Un enorme pero enorme abrazo para Enrique, os acompañamos en el sentimiento. Nuestro saludo.

  2. praying for all of you during this time. may there be moments of joy as you celebrate the life of a beloved.

  3. You will be in my heart and thoughts this week...she was beautiful.