Saturday, April 21, 2012


Photo shoot themed Urban Decay in abandoned building, Sonora, CA
On another day I might vent about spending the best years of my teaching career to educate our children at home. I have always believed that we richly invested in them by homeschooling, but now can't help but feel mightily deflated by having a son who says I ruined his life, and now a daughter whose education through high school isn’t being recognized in Spain to go to culinary school because her diploma doesn’t have that (public) official signature and state seal. How will this all work out?
And, another day I might rant about how you can't really know if the very things you place as priorities in your life just might get stripped and ripped away from you, even if they are noble and good. You might never suspect how your heart will break. For how could you guess you would find so much pain at the end of the rainbow rather than treasure for all the years of sacrifice and hard work? Especially when you were dedicatedly following the guide book?
That's another day. Not today.

Then, again, *slow breath* maybe I haven’t gotten to the end of the rainbow.
Then again, *slow smile*  I have children, four of them, who talk to me, who share with and hug and love me.

Today, instead, true to my promise to remember and blog the good, the interesting and the positive,
I have this news and link to share with you:

Yes, congratulations are in order! 
Risa is one of the featured artists in a new photography exposition in San Diego. It's such a delight to see the ongoing recognition of her work!
Sister in the sunflowers
Risa es una de los artistas destacados en una exposición fotográfica nueva en San Diego (California). ¡Es una gozada ver el reconocimiento continuo de su trabajo!
Madrid at Christmas, 2011
Pool fun in backyard, Sacramento, CA


  1. Guauuu, muy buenas fotos. Mi enhorabuena para Risa, que orgullosa tienes que estar. Un abrazo y un enorme saludo.

  2. Sweet Mary, the light of your rainbow comforts and inspires many. Loved these pics--quite talented!

  3. praying, praying, that God is in the middle of all of it and walking ahead of you through this. all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.

    God has this and you in his loving embrace.