Thursday, August 27, 2009

El Sabor de La Amistad

Si la amistad fuera un sabor, sabria a mi frappiccino de mocha y chocolate con leche de soja. Divino.
If friendship had a flavor, it would taste like my chocolate mocha frappiccino with soy milk. Divine.


  1. If friendship had a flavour for me, it would be the simple slice of bland biscuit when hunger pangs strike every evening. Even the tasteless become delicacy.

  2. Interesting. Yes, bread and water, necesities of life, something everyone needs to live. Friendship is also that to me, although it may be a bland,simple slice.

    I'm also reminded of comfort food by this comment, like my mother's family recipe from Texas and one that I've carried on-Biscuits & Egg Gravy.

  3. In Singapore where I lived and grew up, 1st of September is a day our country draw out to commenerate teachers and their gift of education to students and learners. We call it TEACHER"S DAY.

    Though we do have different times being on 2 sides of the world, please allow me to wish you, now as at 1st September 2009, a HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY, and on behalf of all the young men and women who received knowledge through your sharing, thank you for teaching the next generation wisdom and knowledge, to make this world a better place for not just your community, who knows, maybe for everyone else one day.

    Have a wonderful TEACHER'S DAY!

  4. This is the nicest greeting and teacher's wish I've ever received. Thank you SO MUCH!!! You made my day!

  5. Hola Mary, estos dos sabores combinan muy bien.
    Gracias por tus palabras y acordarte de mi, intentaré hacerme con esa película que me mencionas y la veré, seguro que me gustará. Gracias y besos.

  6. Hola Irmina,
    Si, aunque ahora tengo un regimen de ejercicio no me puedo alejar ni del cafe ni del chocolate. Son mis companeros diario -jaja.