Thursday, May 15, 2014

Babel Bliss

While drinking my morning blend (spinach, a carrot, pineapple, a ripe pear and banana, two kiwis) whey protein, ground flax seed, and guava juice) the morning sounds come up and through the kitchen balcony doors where I'm at the table and listening to a dialogue between a 9 language boy and a 6 language girl.

At first I watch them, then I just close my eyes and the languages weave in and out of my thoughts. Phonemes jumping up and down, having a big party - a dance party couldn't beat this, interesting, exhilarating, fascinating. The last time I felt a similar exhilaration I was listening to lectures at UCSD with Risa, a day there to visit and getting an intellectual soulful.
Speaking of Risa, today is her day, 24 years young and beautiful. Shouting out a big Happy Birthday; she's my joy. And today, in birthday celebration we've planted roses. Not just any roses, but red and candy cane striped climbers in bright blue terra cotta pots.
The language of planting to say I love you.  Do you speak garden? Maybe you speak service instead and doing for others speaks a similar message. I wonder what love languages the 6 language girl and the 9 language boy speak?
This week I found a message written by Risa when she was only eight years old. At such a tender age she cared about people and all living creatures. She wanted people having enough clean water to drink. She was as compassionate then as she is now. I marveled to think at how much she was already purposed in the direction of loving and serving. For though she speaks both Spanish and English, sprinkled with Jamaican Patois, Arabic and a few other bits and pieces of languages of countries visited. But, her most striking language is altruism, passionate pleas to help the world around us.

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