Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Tiles

Azulejos del Día de la Madre
Tiles on Mother's Day

Your children will be like jewels.
Jeweled and precious, adorning the walls of your life.

You will be as proud of them as a bride is of her jewels.
They are your delight, your joy.

como los adornos de una novia.
Sí, tus hijos serán como las joyas de una novia.
Isaiah 49:18

Mother's Day in the US comes a week later than in Spain. This means that I was already thinking about mothers a whole week early which is good since that way I have a chance at being timely with my mailed sentiments. This year I did something special for my mom. It kept me up late and filled my coffee break moments and was the nicest gift I've discovered for her in years. Wish I had a camera for the moment she reads it.

Mother's Day in the US was always a church service and a brunch to follow, mother and mother-in-law treated to a meal with special desserts and recognition. It's a day of flowers, of lace tablecloths, of spring coffee or tea chats in the garden.

This year in Spain, it's a color.  Blue.  Remembering; deep waters, reflective and still hopeful blue.

Hours later after this post, from my four loves.


  1. Dear Mary,
    perhaps you're sad today, but your children love you!!! And me too!! Your heart is beautiful!!!

  2. Love, love, love, love those beautiful tiles Mary.