Sunday, April 6, 2014



  1. Its great to see that Spring is in the air and with so much vibrant colour..
    Sorry I have not seen much of your posts over the past few months, it has been my shame to be too busy to breath almost....
    BUT, I am coming to walk on the Camino this year, between end of May and Middle of June. I can only do about 3 weeks, but am bringing my partner Angela to have a taste of what it is like. I am hoping to come to Astorga and what an opportunity that would be if we can meet up with you and your family for a coffee and a chat, or a few tapas and a tinto de verano...
    God bless you Mary and your family.
    Love n light.

    1. Hello Peaceful!
      You must be so excited to begin your Walk again. Yes, please let us know when you get close to Astorga and we will look for you, treat you to a coffee, meal or whatever you need *smiles* I hope it works out before our departure date to California, beginning of June - keeping the fingers and toes crossed!
      Dios os bendiga mucho!