Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rainy Day Stroll in Navarra

Yesterday, on my father's 74th birthday and son, Álvaro, cooking the Animal Sanctuary Vegan Brunch in Salamanca,
we three traveled east from our Province of León
back along the ancient pilgrim's trail of Santiago into the Province of Navarra.

The landscape is all rolling hills,
lined with vineyards and wineries
making last night's excellent wines no surprise. 
While these two are contemplating the green fields of Nararra and the incessant rain, Enrique, the greyhound whisperer, is wondering whether Sombra will finally decide to do what she needs to do out here in the wet and cold before getting back in the car.
I'm thinking that we are only and hour or so from the French border and daydreaming that a morning croissant and café au lait in the Pyrenees sounds magical.

Sombra's Facebook page status read this morning: 
Ayer, de viaje por tierras navarras, paseando con mi dueño. Pero ¿qué podía hacer bajo la lluvia aparte de mojarme y ver el paisaje? Ni siquiera había una liebre tras la que correr un poco. Creo que a ellos les encantaba porque insistían en caminar mucho tiempo.
Awaken you senses... We are!... Welcome to the land of Rioja and Burgos.

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