Friday, December 4, 2009

Tower Theatre

Tower_Theatre, a thrill of a place to slip out to for a late night film. There I've viewed some of my favorites, foreign flicks like those by Almodovar, or others reverberating with social dilemma. My oldest and I took in An Education and created a forum for much discussion about deceptiveness and common foibles that lead to entrapment. A month passed and again we're off to see Precious, the story of an illiterate, abused girl who learns to triumph in the face of total adversity. We can learn so much from the experiences and trials of others, in sharing meaningful film.
El Tower Theatre, una gozada de lugar adonde escabullirse para ver una pelicula a ultima hora de la noche. Alli he visto algunas de mis favoritas, extranjeras como las de Almodovar u otras tocando algun dilema social. Mi hija mayor y yo vimos An Education, que nos dio bastante para debatir. Los temas en An Education bailaban con el engano y los errores y frustraciones que conducen al atrapamiento. Ha pasado un mes y vamos de nuevo, esta vez para ver Precioso, la historia real de una chica analfabeta, que fue abusada y la cual aprende a triunfar frente a la adversidad total. Podemos aprender muchisimo cuando compartimos las experiencias y dificultades de otros, cuando compartimos peliculas significativas


  1. Oh Mary, if only we'd hung out more while I was still living near you! We have so much in common! I'm going to look up both those movies. I love Tower.

    Thanks for highlighting me and my book! Glad you like the recipes.

    Hope you are doing well. I am praying for you.

  2. Hi Bronwyn! I loved finding your comment here. Thanks for the note.
    I second the wish of a like-minded friend to take in alternate movies and talk healthy living.
    Good things must be in store for you there in the Bay Area instead. Just promise to look me up when in Sacto. and we'll have a night out!