Friday, December 18, 2009

Making the Season Bright

Colores que hacen brillar la estación,
Sacramento, California, dicembre 2009


  1. Mary, I love reading your blog and I love YOU. You are so unique. I love who God has created you to be, and I love that you don't repress who you are. You are in my prayers.

  2. Dahling, you made my dreary December day dance! Thanks for the encouragement. I've felt like the repress queen for years, so I smiled big at the last part of your comment. Thank you for that, for your prayers, for friendship.

  3. You're welcome! Let's hang out when I'm Sac. on Jan. 20th. I'll probably have Edie with me... and afternoons she's a mess w/o a nap (I know, she's still napping at 6). But I would love to see you if you could overlook all that and we could meet somewhere where she can be a mess.

    Let me know: