Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Gift of Giving Back Nepal

My best purchase at the San Diego Zoo was the middle bowl, which like all the others, is made entirely from trash by artisans in a recycling program from the mountainous regions of Lapa, Tipling and Shertung, Nepal. They collect plastic bags and other garbage to weave into bowls and other artwork. Their earnings provide the livelihood for these artisans and is the basic support of primary healthcare and for the hospital in this Himalayan region -

Mi mejor compra en el Zoologico de San Diego fue la escudilla del medio. En las aldeas montanosas de Lapa, Tipling and Shertung, Nepal, artisanos participan en un programa de reciclaje. Coleccionan bolsas de plastico y tal basura para tejerla en escudillas de muchos tamanos y otra artesania. Las ganancias financian estos artistas y es el apoyo basico de salud y del hospital en la region -


  1. Eso está hecho con bolsas? Alucinante!

  2. wow, those bowls are beautiful!