Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I'm an American Idol Gal

I really do like these two! And although I rarely watch TV, I really do like American Idol. Besides being another reality TV show, it really is a window into the reactions people have (in this case singing contestants, of course) to winning and losing, success and failure. Some people respond really really badly and some are gracious and show gratitude for the opportunity. It's a real contrast of spirits and test of character.
Estos dos realmente me gustan mucho. Y aunque es raro que veo la tele, me gusta mucho American Idol. Mas de otro programa de realidad, es una ventana por la cual podemos observar las reacciones de la gente (claro, en este caso cantantes concursantes) al ganar o perder, triunfar o fracasar. Hay aquellos que responden malisimo y otros que son afables en todo y que muestran gratitude por la oportunidad que han tenido. Es un contraste tremendo de caracter.
p.s. I was worried that America would vote Tatiana del Toro in just to enjoy the DRAMA. Danny won instead. Good job voters. Me tenia algo preocupada que America le escogiera Tatiana del Toro solo para gozar del DRAMA. Gano en su lugar Danny. Bien hecho, votantes.


  1. I was so glad Danny bumped Tatiana out - thank GOODNESS. Hee hee, he's got a bazillion pairs of glasses that's major points in his favor too.

    We've become official American Idol nerds. But, you know, I don't really have a problem with that.

    At all.

  2. I like the one girl with pink streeks in her hair.