Thursday, August 31, 2017


Advanced Literature class in Spain, in Academia La Cocina Verde, getting ready for an excellent read a year ago. Now, fall just around the corner, we've read our way through season by season.
Just like excellent poetry, this isn't a book to be read from cover-to-cover, but rather savoured throughout the year, reading each entry like a delicious tidbit in its season, hence the well-named title. I love this prose. It as though I'm playing while reading, dancing between the lines and then lingering here and there to drink up the visual flavours and imagery of almost every word and phrase. 

Imagine this: 
"The sky seems like a watercolor love story." - Fireflies

"The air smells like spring seduced late summer and drenched the night in promises. Somewhere between possibility and substance, the evening hovers, a strange shade of autumn....
Amazing...astounding what fifteen minutes surrounded by the throb of another's heart can do for the equilibrium of a soul. Storms arrive and abate. The planet spins. And hearts beat." -

"End-of-summer rain traces the outline of the window panes next to me; damp trails glimmering beneath the slate clouds that seem to hover close enough to touch, should I stretch out my hand." 

"For that is the secret, isn't it. No matter how deep the pain, how unbearable it seems as it scrapes and tears and breaks our bodies, our dreams... our souls. No matter the wound, there is the balm of time. The bandage of memory, the antiseptic of grace." - Burns

I relish the Soup. It revives me, reminds me that the world is made of flesh and breath, not manufactured compounds (like that from a can) and synthetic fibers... For the truth of the Soup, the revelation, is that if you wait until 'it' is done - whatever your 'it' may be - you will miss out on the authentic happiness that is 'now'. We all have scuff and brokens and imperfects... but this is exactly what ties us together!" - Soup Afterglow

"We live, we love. We laugh and grieve and learn and grow. Life is a forge that burns away the surface, strengthens the core, and reveals the soul. This collection of essays and memories plunges through more than a decade of the beautiful struggle that is marriage and parenthood and finding one's self amidst the tangle of both. This journey weaves joy and sorrow, passion as well as isolation, into a tapestry that makes such an ordinary life, more splendid than its solitary threads."


  1. Oh Mary, your kindness is like rain on parched soil! May your days be just overflowing with the love you give returned to you and multiplied many times over. Adore you so!

    1. Sweetest Chantel, so slow to find your comment and reply. Life. But, I feel the same about you, your poetic way of seeing life, the colours your paint experiences, many which are hues I and others can share with you. Lovely. Intense. Beautiful.