Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Hills of San Román de La Vega

The Cathedral on our left and precious baa baa black sheep on our right, a typical late afternoon crossing. Though the days have warmed, the ice warning next to the bridge is a reminder that these fields were covered with white not long ago.

A chestnut tree frames Astorga's Cathedral as I looked southwest from the hills of San Román de la Vega.

A white head shows us that this pair is incubating their eggs. Storks are very egalitarian. They share the task of keeping their eggs warm, the female in the morning and the male at night. They take turns bringing meals to one another. Storks mate for life. 

This giant chestnut tree captured my entire imagination, so perfectly and intricately shaped. Even Sombra had to stop and stare.

An old home about to be restored, beginning with its roof. Maybe the owners will decide to keep the original beams and rod iron for a rustic traditional look.

This newborn colt was so new to the world that he wobbled on his legs and almost fell over in his attempt to look at me taking his picture.

Returning to Astorga, to the work at our desks and other responsibilities. What a nice break to get away for a little bit of countryside photography.

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