Monday, April 18, 2016


Menopause came knocking again.
I told her I was busy.
She promised not to stay,
but she took a chair and plopped her plump rump right down.
So, I let her know. I couldn’t entertain her. I had no time today.
I cleared the table, swept the floor, even exercised, planking my plank.
She insisted, however, said she’d brought me something,
and she handed me stomach and headache as I showered and readied for the day.
In light-headed confusion, I walked and shopped with her. Had there been any choice?
We found groceries and teacher supplies, but pain now throbbed my temples, behind my eyes, flashed feverish heat through my body. On repeat, this gift from her, over and over again.
Finally, the rain subsided and in that drizzle I told her, “you stay here now, I know the way,"
Instead she followed me back home. Has she set up residence?
"Celebrate menopause," I've heard some say.
But, she’s an unwanted guest at my house these days.

What will surely happen one of these days to me if Menopause doesn't take a hike.

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