Sunday, February 21, 2016

So Give Me Avocados

We attended a modest, but very well-attended luncheon benefit to fight hunger and help those in need around the world in numerous other projects such as AIDS relief, schools and educational funds and more. As I meditated on the issue of feeding the world I couldn't help but think how many mouths could be fed by feeding the grain to people instead of using it to fatten up cattle, pigs and fowl for just a fraction of those on this earth.
It's not usual to see a slam poet of this age pound out a message like this. I couldn't have said it better.

In the age in which we’re living,
There is ever more misgiving 
Over what is done to those who cannot speak. 
I was deaf to all their pain, 
So I knew not any shame, 
At eating 
For Three bodies 
A week. 

So give me avocados . . . 

Then I wondered if a child 
Could take a creature from the wild, 
Cut off its legs, then its skin, and its head? 
So we pay for hidden slaughter, 
While we teach our sons and daughters, 
Our habit 
Of eating the dead. 

So I’m O.K with avocados . . . 

And I’ll eat tofu burgers  
You can even give me black bean curd. 
But don’t give me no bread, 
If it’s wrapping the dead - 
The remains 
Of the body, of no bird. 

And how soon we’ve lost sight, 
Of how all said it’s right, 
For humans, as slaves, to be bred. 
For the animals it’s worse, 
We rend them thrice cursed: 
Take their children, 
Steal their milk 
And eat their dead .

It can be captives in a boat, 
It can be those without a vote, 
Do we ever see the evil of the day? 
For every piece of flesh we buy, 
We pay to breed the next to die, 
For as long 
As we look the other way. 

While it’s humans who need feeding 
The animals we’re breeding, 
Outnumber every human six to one 
Many children hardly eat 
Because their food has fed your meat 
While the blame For this shame 
You pass on!
But choice, you say, is your right 
That you can eat just as you like, 
And it’s merely an opinion that I voice. 
But your choice, - it kills so many; 
This opinion, not any. 
And your victims – 
You give them any choice? 

So there’s more to avocados...

And eating tofu burgers, 
Than minimizing illness – and your girth! 
No less than Einstein did resolve, 
From eating flesh we must evolve, 
Or mankind, he said, 
May not survive on earth! 

NO RAPPING THE DEAD ©.M. E.W. King. July 2006 & Apr 2009.

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