Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spanish Elections Open Season

Friday at the strike of   marked the beginning of official campaigning in Astorga and many other Spanish cities elsewhere. The 15 day campaign begins with the hanging of political posters, called La Pegada de Carteles in the Plaza de San Bartolo.

"Ahora en las elecciones se pegan pasquines en cualquier sitio; superficies cilíndricas, onduladas . Si a ello le añades un punto de vista inusual, se obtienen transformers como estos." Eloy Rubio

The posters seem quite realistic to me as the success of one party seems to rest on the tearing down of another, rather than showing the citizenry the benefit of that particular party's point of view and plans. Personal and political scars remain long after the posters are torn down and the new governmental seats are filled.

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