Monday, December 22, 2014

Kicking Off a Spanish Christmas

In the States many Americans launch into Christmas season the day after Thanksgiving with Black Friday by shopping the sales, while for others the beginning of Christmas begins the day after, Saturday, with choosing their Christmas tree and pulling out decorations from the attic and finally many others officially begin the holiday season on the first Sunday of December with lighting the First Candle of Advent,  Hope.
In Spain, Advent is also celebrated. Christmas festivities run from December 24th, Christmas Eve and continue through the celebration of the the The Three Kings Day or Epiphany on January 6th. Nonetheless, the Spanish holiday season doesn't officially begin until the singing of the National Lottery, today, December 22nd.

For the kickoff everyone buys at least one, if not many tickets to benefit organisations, charities and causes throughout the country. Enrique bought a "participation" from his work, at the home for the disabled, another from nephew Álvaro for his basketball team, another from the regional political party supporting local products and culture and finally one to offset the legal fees resulting in protecting a regional crop, the garbanzo "pico pardal" from being commercially labelled.
I bought a lottery from my work, the high school in a neighbouring town and one mysteriously showed up in our mailbox today as a gift. Random act of kindness. Thanks good soul.
The singing begins in the morning. Take a look and see if you have a winning number!
Una participacin de Pico Pardal
La Lotería Nacional es el verdadero puntapié inicial de la temporada navideña española que comienza verdaderamente 24 de diciembre, víspera de Navidad y continúa a través de la celebración de los los los Reyes Magos o Epifanía el 6 de enero. Todo el mundo compra, al menos uno, si no muchos boletos para beneficiar a organizaciones o instituciones de beneficencia de su elección. está en la lista. 
Echa un vistazo y ver si usted tiene un número ganador!

The Christmas lottery spot or clip is anticipated all year. Watch what happens when Antonio, a bar* owner who is suffering a major depression with the closing of his bar due to the recession goes down to have a coffee at his local and receives some life-changing news. A very touching scene you can see from YouTube with English subtitles.

El spot de la lotería de Navidad es uno de los más esperados del año. El de este sorteo cuenta en dos minutos y medio la conmovedora historia de Antonio y Manuel, el dueño de un bar y uno de sus parroquianos, alrededor de un décimo de lotería y los sueños e ilusiones compartidos.

*bar in Spain refers to the cafés found on every corner, the place of most every get together and celebration. This bar is in Madrid, Christmastime.

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