Thursday, June 19, 2014

Travel Depot

The top of Travel Depot's checklist touts that it has everything for the traveler, except the tickets. And it's true! Traveling back and forth from Spain to the States a couple of times a year, I was sure I didn't need anything else until I found a leopard print "Luggage Hugger," a stretchy fabric band to wrap around my suitcase to protect the zipper and make my suitcase easy to locate. How great is that?! Eye candy printed maps and guide books make even the greatest homebody want to travel with unfettered wanderlust, one book at a time.
Found this in a recent article on Pacific Beach/Mission Beach:
The Internet might be a great place to research for your next great adventure, but Traveler's Depot is the place to gear up for it. One of the only travel stores remaining in the region, Traveler's Depot has occupied a Garnet Avenue storefront since 1986. Owner Kay Thayer brought it eight years ago from the original owner, and Ben Vo has been the manager there for more than four years.  

We met Ben, I mentioned Kay and home exchange and we all fell into easy conversation. He told us how he has traveled extensively, and even spent a two-year stretch, in his words, as a vagabond, seeing the Americas, Europe and more. Thanks Ben, for this fun picture at top of our time in the shop.
The most interesting bit of trivia about the store also appeared in the article interview:
What's your most popular item?  People always ask what is the one thing we recommend for travel and it's travel underwear. Seriously, they are lightweight, they wick away moisture and they can be washed in a sink and dried overnight. After people try them, they come back for more and more. 
I didn't happen to get any today, and now knowing this I just might have to go back tomorrow and get my own package of undies!

Be sure to visit when traveling to the area!
1655 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109, United States

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