Monday, June 2, 2014

Los Afinadores de Piano

Our friend, Kay, just sent a message about the piano at her house in Califonia where we will be staying. We inquired about the piano, thinking how great it would be to play again - I, Risa and Mark. Besides her poetic way with words, she has a way of seeing the interesting and lovely in things.

Kay writes, "The piano tuners made beautiful music for an hour after they gave the piano it's final tuning and a new string. It was a wonderful treat.
Don't you just love their dress? The long black aprons have Steinway written on the front.
A real class act and the kindest men ever! It turns out to be quite a fine instrument. I bought it in 1967, new.
I hope you enjoy it."

Enjoy it? Oh, I'm sure we will! Four years have passed since my fingers have touched black and white and they are absolutely itching! 

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