Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just a Bit of Street Art in Lavapiés, Madrid

Replicas of famous paintings and other not so famous, but interesting works in the Rastro sector.

Any wall is the perfect canvas for explosions of color. 
I especially like the color right in the middle of this mural.

Garage Ribera sports a classic look.

Such a tiny painting we missed it entirely until Mark pointed it out with a shy grin. Of course, it had to be included in the collection.

Lavapiés, Madrid, a cultural mecca where we met peoples from Senegal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Lebanon and many more places, especially Africa, the Middle East and the Carribean. It has become an area known rich with the immigrant experience: strength, courage and resolve to build a new life in a new land; a fusion of language, foods and cultures peacefully blended together in one place.

An acronym in the barrio next to the indoor farmer's/ local market where handsome Hector, a philosophy graduate from Argentina sold the best Pugliese with black olives and other delicious fresh baked breads.
Little Red Riding Hood, La Caperucita Roja, with giant bow and Mona Lisa smile.

Every enclave has potential for artistic expression.

Splattered paint screams for a photoshoot moment with these two enjoying the Marileñan streets.

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