Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Rastro in León, Spain, September 2011

From classics to whimsical, 
biographies, poetry, art, Spanish, history, more. . .
Literature rich; juvenile, English, American, short stories,  
anthologies in volumes, hardbacks, tattered paperbacks, 
selections and topics galore. 
Collections of a lifetime, 
hours scanning rare-books and second-hand stores.
A surreal sign atop a can. .  . 
“A library for the giving, a library for the taking. . . 
Donations at the door”. . .

Sacramento, CA, March 2011

How does this feel? I do wonder. Months later, and still the numbness, 
will it subside while unpacking a few survivors?
Here is George McDonald, here Joyce Kilmer's Letters and Browning’s Poetical Works. 
But, where was Martin Luther King’s collection of speeches, 
yesterday when I wanted it most? 
Where is Living with the Indians, and the many memorable others of which I was host?
Rastro in León, Spain,  September 2011


  1. continuing to hold you up in prayer my sister. May you know the peace that passes understanding as this new life unfolds!

  2. Oh sweet books....the truest of friends. The smell of old parchment makes me a little weak in the knees. Just a few months ago I finished our third floor into a library. Dark walls, old leather chairs and a record player. My idea of heaven.

    You will love again. There are always more, tucked into a shelf, tossed thoughtlessly in a box....awaiting you.

  3. Thanks Julie,
    Who would have thought that our time as brief adolescents separated by decades would come back together sharing faith and blogs? I so appreciate you and your love and support.

    I love reading your words. I love words well chosen and placed creatively. You do both as if you were painting a verbal canvas. I can see and smell that wonderful library of yours. What a great investment!

    Yes, I will have to read and enjoy what I have (and that could take some time, you know!) Just like the bumper sticker, So many books, so little time!
    And I'm soothed that wonderful reads were gifted to so many who will also love and cherish them.
    Saludos Querida.