Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Measuring Stick

I love this bright red pot with old fashioned wooden measuring sticks. When I saw it at a craft faire it immediately made me think of the end of each school year. . .
Al final del ano escolar es cuando una profesora evalua no solamente el progreso de sus estudiantes, sino su propia eficiencia como maestra. Se pregunta si realmente ha sido una inspiracion para sus alumnos y si en efecto estan a la altura de avanzar al nivel mas alto. Es la estacion dura de medicion.
The end of the school year is when an instructor evaluates not just the progess of her students, but her own efficiency as a teacher. She asks herself if she has really been an inspiration for her students and if they truly measure up to advancing to the next level. It's the hard season of the measuring stick.

We can and should measure things like progress and growth. Sometimes, however, we measure ourselves against one another, or others do the same to us. Enjoy your life without comparisons and be free.


  1. This is a very inspiring entry. I like it a lot. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Grayscale, it's nice to see you here on my blog. Thanks for visiting and letting me know you liked this post. I often find it hard to write about feelings, but maybe I'll get better.

  3. I was once a teacher too and the best thing that can ever happen to a teacher, is the opportunity to put on the graduation gown for his or her students, and send them off quietly to meet the challenges of the world.

    I like your blog. There is so much light about family, love and kinship. Something which I am always envious. I was alone when I graduated. I wished my mother was there to see me earn my achievements. But she was out there shopping.

    Such is life. Thank you for sharing the bliss in your family with everyone. I am an ardent fan of blogs like this and yours happen to be one of my favourite.

  4. This was such a nice comment- Thank you! Encouragement from another teacher and affirmation regarding simple slices of family pie. I'm glad you see light and love since I've had a number of years battling personal darkness. My goal has been to find joy in each day and share that when I can.
    Sort of like the "Whistle a Happy Tune" song in The King and I. Do you know it?

  5. Hello Mary, of course I know the King and I, and Whistle a Happy Tune (though I am more inclined to like Shall We Dance and Getting To Know You). I am a fan of musicals as well.
    Good to read you are having a guest this week. Enjoy the company and drop an entry in your blog when you can ok. You have a fan here. Have fun!