Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's on Your Plate?

My plate is impossibly full. In an effort to manage so many activites, responsibilities, details in my and other's lives around me I find myself forgetful, always scrambling for time to process, time to think deeper about a subject, and time to hold onto the moment. Yet there's none to be had! I wonder if this "fullness of plate" will change. I do feel really ready for lighter fare. And yet, the food is rich and good. I hope I can fully enjoy each bite that I'm able to taste of life at this moment: A daughter graduating with announcements to send out and gown and cap hanging in anticipation, a collection of fantastically shaped and glazed pottery pieces brought home by another daughter from her college pottery class sit with a tiger orchid that my youngest son bought today just because it was SO beautiful, my other son leaning against me and making a point of just hanging out, and my husband saying he loves me, his wife.

Dutch Plates (Friesland)
"Where theres joy, one can endure much"(wedding gift)

Mexican Lilies Plate (Tijuana)
Rooster Plate (gift from a Neighbor)

Antique French Plate
Italian Plate

Antique Dutch Plate
My Spanish Tortilla Espanola Plate (Florida)
How about you, what's on your plate?


  1. Mary dile a Valen que te mande fotos de los platos que tiene la madre en la cocina... son de un artista local...

  2. Hey Mary, what a colorful array. Love it. No better plate than a home full of joy, never full enough of soul-food.

  3. Si, Ana, como me apatece una visita con Fina y un tour de sus platos canrios! Llevare mi camara y lo pasaremos bien entre historias de los platos y mas y las fotos.

    Frank, de acuerdo! Aunque es dificil a veces, intento enfocarmen en el gozo de cada dia. Hoy por ejemplo me alegre mucho cuando logre arreglar para que funcionara mi maquina de hacer pan, y con el animo que le dio un consejero en la universidad a Risa acerca de sus planes para estudiar cirujia.