Sunday, May 7, 2017

Día de la Madre

Feliz Día de la Madre! Spanish Mother's Day comes a week earlier than in the States. It always leaves me blue, as if one Mother's Day weren't bad enough, I have two. But, the sun came through the clouds, and with its reappearance I noticed seedlings on the balcony pushing through the soil, sparrows visiting on the rail, swallows flitting and a festive feeling by all who passed below on the street. Before I could send a couple notes to loved ones, the doorbell rang and a winsome precious young woman held multiple gifts and letter of love for me. I can see her hand holding up my package. It seems she's whole-heartedly adopted me and I've undeniably become her God-mother; spoiled in her adoration. Love isn't always where you're looking. And if you're not careful you might miss the beauty right before your eyes. This was a beautiful day. 

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