Monday, March 13, 2017

The Mannequin

Student stories are the BEST and it's been a long time since I've included one on my blog. Here's one, a college adventure, that made me laugh out loud!

This story happened two years ago, when I was studying in the University of León. The protagonists of this story were my inseparable school friends and work companions.

This story began the day when my friends and I enrolled in a class called Artistic Expression Workshop. To pass de class we had to prepare a proyect. The proyect consisted of creating a story which combined parts of corporal, music and plastic expression.

After a few days and after very much thought, we had an idea. Our story was based on a man who saw his life changd in a 180 degrees. At first he was very appy, but then he lost his job and by the end he was evicted and ends his life; a tragedy.

So, we got on with the challenge. We found and spliced different pieces of music according to how he was feeling at each stage and we made a mural. In this mural one of us painted and expressed the same feelings as the songs.

Nevertheless, the highpoint of the story was at the moment when we decided to use a mannequin to represent the man.

At first, María’s friend gave us one. However, the mannequin fell to the ground and broke.

Unfortuantely, that catastrophe happened just a few days before the exam. My friends and I couldn’t believe it! Our huge problem regarding the mannequin didn’t seem to have any solution.

Finally, we decided to go to the Chinese shop to search for a mannequin. After negotiating with the clerk, we found a mannequin for 20 €! The best part of that moment was when we left the shop and people were watching us like; “Oh my God, What is that?”

Some tourists even took photos with us and our mannequin.

When everything seemed to be going well, the day before the exam, in our last rehearsal, the velcro strap that the mannequin had around his neck got caught on me and when I ran the mannequin fell to the ground. His hand was broken!

It was the worst moment in that proyect. We didn’t have any time to find a solution!

Finally, the next day we did our project and it was amazing. Everybody was fascinated by our handless mannequin and our teacher gave us a 10.

-Pau Gutiérrez

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