Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday Market

So true. Watermelon and all the delicious, especially local produce, is an amazing offer. The fruit could be my breakfast and dinner all summer long.

There are a number of things you wouldn't know by looking at this picture. For instance, it might appear that the man in the background is checking Catherine out, when in reality he was simply turning around because I called "look at me" to my camera evasive niece and he thought I was calling to him. Regardless, he looks like he enjoyed the festival a little too much. Good thing Catherine is so oblivious, hahaha.
She seems to have a Celtic rune tattooed on her left arm, but it's only , a plant dye that will wear off in about ten more days. She got it as part of her outfit for the Astur-Romano Festival.
Another thing is that she appears to be one of a few in front of the most popular cheese truck on market day. You can't see the throngs of people all waiting to buy their favourite "Don Queso" cheese. When you get near the crowd you call out asking who is last so you know when it's your turn. Then you wait a good, long, social while chatting it up a bit with those around you doing the same.
Finally, it looks like Catherine is pushing the purple carrito, but the reality is that she's only posing with it and let me push it around all morning. Well, I guess it is kind of granny.

Purple, definitely purple today, even the bags of garlic sported purple netted bags.

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