Monday, October 26, 2015

Yoga Animal

Good Morning, Astorga!
Bringing to you our amazing friend, Irene, from Toledo.

We met Irene when she came to live with us for a California summer. It was an unforgettable time. She's a super hero, heroine better said, who knows no physical limits. She walked everywhere, even to places that the hearty gym crowd would have taken a car (albeit getting very lost one day going to a shopping center and we having to look for her hours after she set off power walking Sacramento's busy and residential streets.)

She is so energetic, positive and engaging. Her motto: ¡Disfruta Tu Cuerpo! Enjoy Your Body!  If you ever plan to stay sometime in Toledo, be sure to visit her gym to say hello and maybe even sign up for a workout or class! 

Irene Rodríguez Quintana
Personal Trainer. Diplm. Ed. Física.
Instructora Yoga, Pilates, Flexibilidad Artística.
Prof. Gimnasia Hipopresiva.
647 68 64 05 ·

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