Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A "Capitol" Experience

Senor Agresivo, the Angel, has long been the bully, ruling over the 40 gallon tank shared with some goldfish and our shy, old leopard plecostomus. But, after finding a new home for the goldfish, we were really excited to find some new and tropical fish for our tank! Thus, M. and I picked up R. from her work downtown and the three of us detoured over to Capitol Aquarium. Known in the ‘50s as Froyd’s Tropical Fish at the corner of 20th and Capitol Ave, Capitol Aquarium now houses over 9,000 amazing sq. feet of aquariums

The entrance is a wooden bridge under which running water circulates through ponds to the right and left. These enchanting ponds are full of the largest coy I have ever seen. M. loved buying food from the dispenser and feeding these leviathans!

We had a wonderful time walking down aisles, looking into tanks...

...and finally chose these fish for our own:

2 Gold Dwarf Gourami, 6 Cardinal Tetras, 2 Clown Loaches and 1 Plecostomus!
The fish has been a Christianity symbol since the early Church. Based on the Greek word, "ichthus", fish, it's an acronym in Greek for "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour." Me encantan los peces! Y me encanta la Bahia de Monterrey (Monterrey Bay Aquarium!)

Sabias? Como consumidor, tus opciones marcan la diferencia para mantener la salud de los oceanos!!!! Compra pescado y mariscos que figuran en la guia de Sea Food Watch!!! (Check out the SeaFood Watch Guide to make healthier choices for our oceans and fish) Te dira *De donde viene el marisco, * Lo crian en granjas o lo pescan en su habitat?, * Como lo pescan?, . .

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Merits of the Mediterranean Mindset

Yesterday I was able to spend a couple of hours in the nicest way imaginable - I perused the replete aisles of books at Borders until I found a book with which I might settle into a chair.

The one I choose, French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating For Pleasure by Mireille Guiliano was a delight, full of good humor and timeless advice, although I object to full credit being given to French women since the counsel found between the covers, in reality, could have given by any Italian, Spanish or Grecian woman. Mediterranean women, in general, seem to understand and follow most of the basic principles laid out.

Here are a couple I appreciated remembering:
*It is not necessary to labor at a gym for that weight loss and body toning most of us desire at any age, but especially in our 40s and 50s. I love the part about the gym. Workout machines are likened to torture devices. This has been my take EXACTLY. Instead, workouts are something you do as you complete your daily tasks without breaking into a sweat. Don’t take the elevator when you can take the stairs. Don’t look for the closest parking space, but chose to park a little farther and WALK, for heaven’s sake. Walk whenever and everywhere you can- faire les cent pas-walk a hundred steps. Besides walking, exercise as you clean house, do the laundry, garden, ETC. When you feel fatigue, combat it with some physical activity over caffeine, chocolate (my add, in lieu of Guiliano’s cocktail) Exercise is a mindset!
*Choose fresh healthy foods that are in season. Drink LOTS of water. Learn to “saborear” what you are eating. Drink more water. Then drink some more. Eat the things you like to eat, with good taste and moderation in mind. Choose to be balanced in what you consume.
*Remember good posture – most French girls don’t become ballerinas Guiliano says, even though they all take ballet. What they remember is excellent posture throughout their day and lives.
*Sleep, remember to sleep.
*Dress, even to take out the trash (you never know, she says) – Haha – so European!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eight Teens, Sarah Palin & Tina Fey in my Living Room at Midnight!

Sarah Palin y Tina Fey aparecen en "Saturday Night Live"
domingo 19 de octubre de 2008 01:40 GYT

Por Chris Michaud
NUEVA YORK (Reuters) - La candidata republicana a la vicepresidencia de Estados Unidos, Sarah Palin, realizó una esperada aparición en el programa "Saturday Night Live" y compartió el escenario con Tina Fey, una comediante reconocida por su imitación de la gobernadora de Alaska.
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Playa de las Canteras, Gran Canaria, Spain

How can one find Las Palmas (Playa de Las Canteras) in Sacramento?

A webcam is just the thing to be in two places at once! This site was sent to us from Manuel, the kids' great surfing instructor in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Mil gracias, Manuel

Un Burka por Amor - Reyes Monforte

"La emotiva historia de una espanola atrapada en Afganistan. Una noche Maria Galera se puso en contacto con el programade Reyes Monforte en Punto Radio. Su voz llegaba clara desde Afganistan pidiendo ayuda y relatando su increible historia."

A culturally relevant and riveting story of a young Spanish woman unable to leave Afghanistan and subjected to the common cruelties faced by women in that country under Taliban rule.