Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A "Capitol" Experience

Senor Agresivo, the Angel, has long been the bully, ruling over the 40 gallon tank shared with some goldfish and our shy, old leopard plecostomus. But, after finding a new home for the goldfish, we were really excited to find some new and tropical fish for our tank! Thus, M. and I picked up R. from her work downtown and the three of us detoured over to Capitol Aquarium. Known in the ‘50s as Froyd’s Tropical Fish at the corner of 20th and Capitol Ave, Capitol Aquarium now houses over 9,000 amazing sq. feet of aquariums

The entrance is a wooden bridge under which running water circulates through ponds to the right and left. These enchanting ponds are full of the largest coy I have ever seen. M. loved buying food from the dispenser and feeding these leviathans!

We had a wonderful time walking down aisles, looking into tanks...

...and finally chose these fish for our own:

2 Gold Dwarf Gourami, 6 Cardinal Tetras, 2 Clown Loaches and 1 Plecostomus!
The fish has been a Christianity symbol since the early Church. Based on the Greek word, "ichthus", fish, it's an acronym in Greek for "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour." Me encantan los peces! Y me encanta la Bahia de Monterrey (Monterrey Bay Aquarium!)

Sabias? Como consumidor, tus opciones marcan la diferencia para mantener la salud de los oceanos!!!! Compra pescado y mariscos que figuran en la guia de Sea Food Watch!!! (Check out the SeaFood Watch Guide to make healthier choices for our oceans and fish) Te dira *De donde viene el marisco, * Lo crian en granjas o lo pescan en su habitat?, * Como lo pescan?, . .

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  1. Mary me encanta tu trabajo y como describes cada parte de ellos es estupendo ^^ buen trabajo!! por cierto te ire dejando mensajitos por aqui jeejej.
    Me encanta el Mark pescado ajajajajaj es genial!!! quiero uno para mi salon *_* jajaj besos!!!