Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spanish Honor

Just as the first page of Maestro Manuel Escalante's Treatise on Fencing and Dueling explained, this was a compendium of the "most useful instructions to ensure that one never hesitates when it is necessary to defend one's honor with Spanish sword or epee."
~El Zorro, pg. 40

El Zorro
The story of Don Diego Vega and how he became the legendary Zorro. At last I am able to reveal his identity, which for so many years we kept secret. There are all too few heroes with a romantic heart and a fun-loving nature. Let me say it straight out: there is no one like Zorro.

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  1. hola Mary!! good for you, entering the blogosphere - and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Nice picture too! But will I be able to understand half your posts? Si tu ecrit en francais, peut-etre....xoxo